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#11 - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
When: Monday Nov. 4, 1991
Where: Myriad OKC, OK
Opening Act: I can't remember! They sucked pretty bad!
Special Notes: This was a good concert. I knew a lot more of Tom Petty's songs than I thought I would.

#12 - Depeche Mode
When: Wednesday Oct.13, 1993
Where: Reunion Arena Dallas, TX
Opening Act: The The (they sucked)
Special Notes: It had been almost 2 years since I had been to a concert. Major withdrawals! But a great Depeche Mode concert was just the thing to cure me. Regardless of The The sounding terrible, the concert was great. I camped out all night to get these tickets. That's a story in itself!

#13 - Nirvana
When: Wednesday Dec. 8, 1993
Where: T&T Building OK State Fairgrounds OKC, OK
Opening Act: The Breeders
Special Notes: Yes, I got to see Nirvana 4 months before the band 'broke up'. It was general admission and I was 15-20 feet from the stage. It was an awesome concert. I would've taken over singing lead vocals but they didn't ask. Imagine!

#14 - White Zombie
When: Wednesday Feb. 23, 1994
Where: Amon Carter Exhibit Center Ft Worth, TX
Opening Act: Don't know, Don't remember, Don't ask!
Special Notes: This was one awesome concert! It was general admission and, once again, we were right up front. I got kicked in the eye by a crowd surfer but managed to survive through the night. White Zombie was wild and put on a great show!

#15 - Depeche Mode
When: Friday June 3, 1994
Where: Starplex Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Can't remember. Don't think I got there in time.
Special Notes: This was my first concert after moving back to Dallas.  And only 8 months since the last Depeche Mode concert! Once again, an excellent show.

#16 - Stone Temple Pilots
When: Friday July 8, 1994
Where: Starplex Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Didn't get there in time. (Becoming a habit!)
Special Notes: Not a great concert at all. I learned if you're going to have reserved seats in the rear of Starplex, it's better to sit on the lawn. STP wasn't much for a great performance either. Oh well.

#17 - The Cranberries
When: Tuesday December 6, 1994
Where: The Bomb Factory Deep Ellum Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Don't think there was one. If there was, oh well!
Special Notes: Nothing special to say. It was crowded, dark and there was a very young crowd. I didn't stay until the end but The Cranberries sounded good.

#18 - Carrot Top
When: Saturday July 15, 1995
Where: Majestic Theatre downtown Dallas, TX
Special Notes:  Carrot Top is not a concert but well worth mentioning. I'd never been to a comedy show and (excuse my French) I'd never laughed my ass off so hard!

#19 - REM
When: Tuesday Sept. 19, 1995
Where: Reunion Arena Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Radiohead
Special Notes: Great concert. Brought back memories of my first REM concert.

#20 - Carrot Top
When: Wednesday April 10, 1996
Where: McFarlin Auditorium SMU Campus Dallas, TX
Special Notes: Still not a concert but you knew I had to mention it. Carrot Top was hilarious.

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