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My Concerts Page

#21 - Freakers Ball w/ Ozzy Osbourne
When: Sunday Oct 13, 1996
Where: Starplex Dallas, TX
Opening Act(s): Ozzy, Danzig, Meat Puppets, others I can't think of
Special Notes: AWESOME concert. We had a great time. We went to the state fair that day and walked over and went to the concert that night. Also, my first concert w/ FREE tickets won off of the radio. Yea!

#22 - ROCKFEST '97
When: Saturday June 21, 1997
Where: Texas Motor Speedway Ft Worth, TX
Acts: Bush, No Doubt, The Wallflowers, Collective Soul, Counting Crows, Jewel, Third Eye Blind, Sponge, Paula Cole, Matchbox 20, Sugar Ray, The Nixons, others that I can't think of
Special Notes: To much to talk about. One of the wildest experiences of my life. We camped out the night before and, to put it mildly, PARTIED! We got to the Speedway early in the morning and parked ourselves way in the back near the track. We stayed ALL day, tanning in the sun and jamming to the music. We were even in the middle if the water bottle fight. If you were there, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. And FREE tickets from Blockbuster. Thanks!

#23 - The Cure
When: Sunday Dec. 7, 1997
Where: Bronco Bowl Dallas, TX
Opening Act: 7Mary3
Special Notes: I had ALWAYS wanted to see The Cure and this was their last tour. 7Mary3 was awesome! More FREE tickets off the radio.

#24 - Pearl Jam
When: Sunday July 5, 1998
Where: Reunion Arena Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Murder City Devils (Boo) I guess Eddie liked them
Special Notes: AWESOME concert. There was a 'special' guest appearance by a drunk Dennis Rodman who ended up sitting on stage for most of the show. Our seats were the second row from the top directly behind the stage. But it didn't matter, Pearl Jam was great.

#25 - H.O.R.D.E. Festival w/ Blues Traveler
When: Sunday Aug. 23, 1998
Where: Starplex Dallas, TX
Opening Act(s)
: (all that we saw)-Fastball, Barenaked Ladies
Special Notes: Cool concert, not real crowded. We had reserved seats in the rear portion but moved up to the 3rd row for a while when Blues Traveler was playing. Awesome! More FREE tickets. Gotta love free stuff.

#26 - Depeche Mode
When: Thursday Nov. 19, 1998
Where: Reunion Arena Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Stabbing Westward
Special Notes: This was a great show! It was their Singles '98 tour so they were playing all their great hits. We had floor seats although they were a little bit a ways back. Being tall, I could see fine but Steph had a struggle trying to get a good view. But none the less well worth the minor sacrifices.

#27 - Alanis Morissette * w/ pictures*
When: Wednesday March 17, 1999
Where: Reunion Arena Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Garbage
Special Notes: We didn't get to see very much of Garbage because we were backstage meeting Alanis!!  I ended up winning an extra pair of tickets so I gave them to a girl I worked with, Sabrina. We ended up with an autographed poster, an autographed CD (well, I brought my CD and she signed it) Click here for a larger image in a new window and a picture with her. Click here for a larger image in a new window Thank you 94.5 The Edge for FREE tickets and backstage passes!

#28 - Edgefest '99
When: Saturday April 24, 1999
Where: Starplex Dallas, TX
Acts: Collective Soul, Stabbing Westward, Goo Goo Dolls,The Toadies,
Blink 182, Fuel, Lit, The Nixons, Dovetail Joint, Eve 6, Local H, Marvelous 3
Special Notes: AWESOME concert. With bands like that, what else can you say. We spent all day relaxing on the lawn, soaking in some sun and making new friends.

#29 - Jewel
When: Friday July 9, 1999
Where: Reunion Arena Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Some guy (?)
Special Notes: More FREE tickets. She sounded and looked great but it wasn't a really exciting concert. We left a little early because went to.....

#30 - The Toadies
When: Friday July 9, 1999
Where: WestEnd Downtown Dallas, TX
Opening Act: None
Special Notes: This was a free concert out of the kindness of The Toadies' hearts. We ended up near the middle of the crowd watching them play for over an hour and a half. Watching The Toadies play under the lights of downtown Dallas is definitely an experience I will never forget.

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