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My Concerts Page

#41 - Live/Counting Crows
When: Tuesday October 10, 2000
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Live played 1st
Special Notes: I didn't get to go to the concert because I was in San Jose on business. Stephanie took a friend and they had a great time. She said Live was awesome and sounded great. But we're not a big Counting Crows fan. But they had fun none-the-less. Plus, more FREE TICKETS!

#42 - Pearl Jam
When: Tuesday October 17, 2000
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Supergrass (ummmm, whatever)
Special Notes: We didn't see the opening band play at all so don't even ask. But Pearl Jam was great! They are not the wild-antics stage show band they used to be but with the list of hits they've accomplished over they years give them a solid foundation to build an awesome concert on. Pearl Jam is Steph's favorite band so she had an absolute blast. Another great concert.

#43 - Bon Jovi
When: Wednesday May 2, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Act: SR-71
Special Notes: We didn't know we were going to the concert until that day. Steph got box tickets from her job. Awesome! Bon Jovi is really not my style but Steph used to be a Bon Jovi nut so it was much more exciting for her than it was for me. But none the less, we both had a great time. FREE tickets!

#44 - Edgefest 10
When: Saturday May 12, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Acts: The Cult, Everlast, Oleander, Orgy, Lifehouse, Dexter Freebish, Weezer, Fuel
Special Notes: We got there later in the afternoon and Orgy was already playing. So we sat in our seats, watched Orgy and then Oleander and Weezer went on. After that we went and watched Flickerstick on the side stage. They were great! Then it was down to the front of the mosh pit to see The Cult put on another great performance. Excellent concert! We saw Flickerstick on the 2nd stage and got a signed guitar pick from Corey.
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#45 - Flickerstick
When: Thursday May 17th, 2001
Where: Caravan Of Dreams Ft.Worth, TX
Opening Acts: Trampolean
Special Notes: If you don't know Flickerstick, they're a local Dallas band that got national attention on VH-1's 'Bands On The Run'. We never saw them in concert until Edgefest but we weren't going to miss this show after knowing what we'd miss if  we didn't go. Trampolean was also really good. They were awesome and we'll go to every show in the area we possibly can. Plus, they signed our CD.Click to open a larger version

#46 - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
When: Monday May 21, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: The Wallflowers
Special Notes: Steph didn't go because she hurt her foot the day before. Sorry sweetie! I went with Travis and Vanessa, some friends of ours. The Wallflowers didn't sound very good but Tom Petty made up for it. He played all his hits and sounded great. I left a little early due to not feeling good and it was also a Monday night but it was still a good show.

#47 - Flickerstick
When: Friday June 8, 2001
Where: Deep Ellum Live Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Lucy Loves Schroeder, Chomsky
Special Notes:  Flickerstick sounded and played great as usual. It was an all-ages show so it was a young crowd and that was a little unpleasant. But we were close to the stage and got to watch the guys put on a great show. And Lucy Loves Schroeder turned out to be a great surprise. I hope they make it big; they're great!

#48 - Ozzfest
When: Thursday July 5, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Disturbed, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson,
Special Notes: We went Aaron & Julie, some friends of ours, and had a great time. We had two passes down to the pit so we took turns going down. Slipknot was almost as scary as some of the people out there that day. Marilyn Manson is not my style of music either but he put on, how do I say, an interesting show. And of course Ozzy was up to his usual antics jumping all over the stage and getting the audience completely soaked with water. It was a blast and I hope he comes back next year. More FREE tickets!

#49 - Pantera
When: Saturday July 14, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Static X (only one we saw)
Special Notes: We went down front when we got there and watched Static X for a few minutes and then it was off to the Icehouse, a club they have there. But then we went down front before Pantera started, center stage about three people back. Big mistake! I've been in a lot of pits in my day but this was definitely the craziest. Steph had to end up crowd surfing to the security pit to escape the clutches of the crowd but I managed to push my way out the back. Half hour later when we finally met up with each other, it was back to the Icehouse to recoup from our visit to Hell. Been there, done that, never again. At least not in the pit. Other than seeing our lives flash before our eyes, it was a good concert and we had fun. And FREE tickets!

#50 - Depeche Mode
When: Tuesday July 17th, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Poe
Special Notes: We watched Poe from the Icehouse but couldn't hear because there was a DJ there jamming. After relaxing a while, we decided to go ahead and go before Depeche Mode came on. DM is my favorite band of all-time and this would be the 5th time I've seen them. We had excellent seats, center stage about 16 rows back. Excellent show! In all the years they've been around, they're stage shows have only grown in elaborateness. If you've never seen Depeche Mode, do whatever you can to go to a concert. This concert was probably the best of theirs I've been to. Come back soon! And FREE tickets!

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