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#51 - Godsmack
When: Friday July 27th, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Deftones
Special Notes: We watched the Deftones from down front for a while and ended up with a mosh pit on both sides of us. After getting shoved around a while, we went to the Icehouse to relax a while. After the Deftones finished, we went down front and waited for Godsmack to start. When they came on, the crowd started getting rowdy (but nothing like Pantera) and the pushing and shoving commence. We lasted about 5-6 songs and then decided we'd had enough. We finished watching the show from the comforts of the Icehouse. Both bands sounded great and put on a great show.

#52 - The Cult
When: Saturday July 28th, 2001
Where: Bronco Bowl Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: The Flying Tigers
Special Notes: Back to the Bronco Bowl to watch The Cult. And of course we had to be on the front row again. The Flying Tigers were really pretty good. They've signed w/ a major label and should have an album out soon. Once again, The Cult put on an excellent show. Ian was in awesome form and showmanship tonight. At their 1st exit, the drummer threw a drumstick out and Steph got a hand on it, along with two other guys. After pushing and shoving, she finally let go and let them fight over it. They came back on and played a great encore ending with 'Love Removal Machine'. As they were exiting, the drummer came down and handed a drumstick directly to Stephanie. She was on a cloud the rest of the night! Excellent concert experience!

#53 - Stevie Nicks
When: Friday August 3rd, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Bob Schneider
Special Notes: We went with John & Bernadette, some friends of ours. We had lawn seats but it wasn't crowded so we moved up to the reserved seating. Whoever Bob Schneider is, he sounded like country-folk music. Sorry, not my style! But Stevie Nicks sounded great. She played all of her classic songs, hit after hit. We all had a great time and enjoyed the show.

#54 - 3 Doors Down
When: Saturday August 4th, 2001
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: 7 Mary 3
Special Notes:  We went to this concert with Travis & Vanessa, our newlywed friends. Congrats! We got there a little late and 7 Mary 3 was already playing. We had pretty good seats, about the 10th row to the left of the stage. They played a while and then 3 Doors Down came on. They had a pretty cool light show but still have a long way to go to draw a decent crowd to Smirnoff. It was only about 1/2 full and that doesn't include the lawn. This was our 7th concert in the past month so we definitely had our share of excitement for a while.

#55 - Edge Fall Bowling Ball
When: Saturday September 24th, 2001
Where: Bronco Bowl Dallas, TX
All Acts: Chomsky, 7 Channels, Flickerstick, Lit, The Toadies
Special Notes: Steph had to work that day so I got there early and reserved our spot up front. Chomsky performed 1st *snore* and 7 Channels followed up. They were actually really good and we ended up talking to the guitarist, Dallas Perry, after the show. Steph showed up just in time to see Flickerstick come on. They put on a great show as usual. We were both tired, weren't to excited about seeing Lit and we'd already seen The Toadies so we headed out after Flickerstick. But we had an awesome time and hope they have one next year. And thanks to The Edge for more free tickets!

#56 - Lucy Loves Schroeder
When: Thursday October 4th, 2001
Where: Club Clearview Deep Ellum Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Cruiserweight, 41 Gorgeous Blocks
Special Notes: This was LLS CD release party so it was pretty fun. Steph didn't go because she had to work the next day so I was out alone in the big city. Cruiserweight is from Austin and I was impressed. Their female lead vocalist has quite a set of pipes on her and can definitely belt out a tune. 41 Gorgeous Blocks were pretty good too. Lucy Loves Schroeder sounded great. Other than being all by myself :o(, I had a great time.

#57 - Nickelback
When: Friday October 5th, 2001
Where: Canyon Club Bronco Bowl Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Default, 7 Channels
Special Notes: This concert was in the Canyon Club at the Bronco Bowl and only holds about 700 people so this was a small, intimate concert. We had seats to the left side of the stage about 20 ft away. I'd never heard of Default but they were pretty good. 7 Channels put on another great show. Nickelback played great and sounded great. They played for about an hour and a half so it wasn't a real long show but it was good non-the-less.

#58 - Tool
When: Wednesday October 24th, 2001
Where: Reunion Arena Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Tricky
Special Notes: We've wanted to see Tool in concert for a long time and finally we had our chance. There's only one way to describe Tool in concert: they fucking rock! (Pardon my French) We had seats low in the arena and directly to the left of the stage. Maynard played back near the drummer and faced the rear of the stage most of the time. Two screens set up behind the stage and two more on the stage played weird-ass videos, pretty much the same as Tool videos. Then the two naked & silver-painted people that performed aerobatics 40 ft. above the stage was something out of a psychotic movie. This was one weird-ass but rocking concert! Oh, and Tricky was really good too.

#59 - Rob Zombie
When: Friday March 8th, 2002
Where: Bronco Bowl Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Sinistar, The Damned
Special Notes: We got more FREE tickets and decided the last day to go. We ended up front row (of course) to the right of the stage. Sinistar was actually pretty good. I wouldn't be surprised if they went big really soon. But The Damned was a different story. We heard from someone in the crowd that they were Rob Zombie's favorite band from the '80s so he invited them. But the crowd had different tastes. I've never been to a concert where pretty much the whole audience was booing the band, some people throwing shit on stage, people flipping the band off. It got pretty bad. But the music was pretty bad. But Rob Zombie made up for it. You can just imagine what one of his stage shows is like. Blacklights, fire, hot dancing girls, 10 ft tall robots on stage. It was wild! Then during the encore, the guitarist right in front of us was playing a plexiglass guitar full of red liquid, supposedly blood. He'd tip it up, take a drink, dump some on his head and then spit it at the crowd. We had blood spatters all over us. I'm sure it looked like we killed someone. He threw out a guitar pick and I managed to grab it.
Click to open a larger version Click to open a larger version Then the robots came on stage with smoke machines and went wild. We ended up in a cloud so thick we couldn't even see each other. This was one wild ass concert!  Thanks to 105.3 & Russ Martin for the FREE tickets!

#60 - Edgefest 11 Pre-party
When: Friday May 31, 2002
Where: Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
Opening Acts: Flickerstick, Custom, Bowling For Soup, SugarCult
Special Notes: With it being the last day of the month, Steph had to work so I went with Vanessa since her hubby, Travis, had to work too. It was held on the side area of Smirnoff and when the crowd faced the stage, we were staring directly at the hot, Texas afternoon sun. SugarCult was pretty good. Bowling For Soup was pretty good. Custom was.........well, the first two bands were pretty good. Finally, Flickerstick came on and made it all worth while. They always put on a great show and you could tell they were happy to be back in Dallas, even if it was just for a short while before going back out on tour. The evening was over rather early, about 10:30, I guess to keep the crowd's energy up for the next day. Thanks to The Edge for FREE tickets! Then again, all the tickets were free so it's not like I was special.

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