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joe.jpg (14999 bytes)Def Leppard
Live in Concert!

Who: Me and Steph (of course!)

When: Wednesday August 9, 2000

Where: Smirnoff Music Center (formerly Starplex) Dallas, TX

Why: Do you really need to ask?

How: I won tickets off the radio

We had talked about buying tickets before they went on sale but decided not to get them. Flash forward to the day of the concert. 97.1 The Eagle was giving away front row tickets. All you had to do was listen from 12 noon-1 during lunch, keep track of all the songs, which just so happened to be Def Leppard songs, and call in with the right songs in the right order. Why not give it a shot? I just want to say THANKS to the people who got through before me but didn't know all the songs and especially to Robert, the DJ who was so cool as to give me the tickets. Needless to say, I won and we were on our way to see Def Leppard from the front row.

We got there while the opening band, The Unband, was playing.  They weren't that bad, but then again, they weren't that good either. We knew we weren't going to leave our seats once we got there so we sat on the lawn, stretched our legs and rested while we could. We finally went down and waited for the show to start. Our seats were front row and about 5 seats right of center stage. We talked with the people around us and everyone was in a high-energy mood. After about 15 minutes the lights went down.  

They started out with 'Rock, Rock 'til You Drop' and from there the energy never died.  The concert was like an intense greatest hits performance. The hits came one after another and we were singing along with every word. Do you remember: 'Armageddon', 'Women', 'Photograph', 'Rock of Ages', 'Foolin'', 'Make Love Like a Man', 'Pour Some Sugar On Me', 'Two Steps Behind', 'Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad', 'Bringin' on the Heartbreak', 'Hysteria'? I can't think of a hit they had that they didn't sing that night. I wasn't a huge Def Leppard fan before but after seeing the show and having the night we had, they earned a lot of respect from me and I put it near the the top of my list of concert experiences.

There was a good review in the Dallas Morning News the next day. So, are you ready to see the pictures?