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My Concerts Page
One of my favorite things to do is go to concerts. There's nothing like seeing one of your favorite bands playing live on stage, yelling, screaming and going nuts with thousands of others. That's one of the reasons we don't have kids; so we can be kids ourselves! This page has no other purpose than to tell you about the concerts I've been to and waste your time. There are some excellent pictures and a few special extra pages but I'm not going to tell you where they are. You'll have to look through the pages and find them for yourself. To go quickly to the latest concerts updates, use the navigation bar below.

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#1 - REM
When: Saturday Oct. 28, 1989
Where: Myriad Convention Center OKC, OK
Opening Act: The Pylons (I've never heard from them since)
Special Notes: This was my first 'real' concert that I got to go without the parents. I went with Todd and Chris, some buds from school. We had a blast!  REM was excellent and I'll never forget this show.

#2 - Jesus and Mary Chain
When: Friday Feb. 9, 1990
Where: Arcadia (when it was still a concert hall) Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Nine Inch Nails
Special Notes: Cool concert. I saw NIN and had never even heard of them. Well, him. That's when it was only Trent Reznor.

#3 - The Cult
When: Tuesday March 6, 1990
Where: Lloyd Noble Center, OU campus Norman, OK
Opening Act: Bonham, Tora Tora Tora
Special Notes: Awesome concert. This is still one of the best concerts I've been to. Bonham played Black Dog by Led Zeppelin and the place went totally wild. It was unbelievable! The Cult sounded awesome and put on a great show.

#4 - Depeche Mode
When: Sunday July 8, 1990
Where: Starplex Dallas, TX
Opening Act: Nitzer Ebb
Special Notes: My sisters got me tickets for my high school graduation. This was my first Depeche Mode concert and I was ecstatic to be there. It was a blast!

#5 - Aerosmith
When: Saturday July 14, 1990
Where: Myriad OKC, OK
Opening Act: The Black Crowes
Special Notes: Good concert. It was only 6 days after Depeche Mode. I got to see The Black Crowes when they had JUST started out. Aerosmith was great.

#6 - ZZ Top
When: December 17, 1990
Where: Myriad OKC, OK
Opening Act: Jeff Healey Band
Special Notes: Awesome concert. I haven't had a chance to see ZZ Top since then but highly recommend seeing them if you can.

#7 - Bad Company
When: Tuesday Feb. 19, 1991
Where: Myriad OKC, OK
Opening Act: Damn Yankees They played first but I wouldn't say they opened up. It was more like a double concert. Cool.
Special Notes: Great concert! Bad Company and Damn Yankees both played for nearly two hours.

#8 - Clint Black
When: Sunday March 3, 1991
Where: Lloyd Noble Center OU Campus Norman, OK
Opening Act: Lorrie Morgan
Special Notes: Okay, so it was a country concert! I was dating a girl at the time who liked country music.

#9 - The Black Crowes
When: Thursday May 23, 1991
Where: Made-in-OK building OK State Fairgrounds OKC, OK
Opening Act: Jellyfish
Special Notes: Too many drunk people at this concert! It was general admission so it was packed. But I got to see The Black Crowes up close. And Jellyfish was great. I always wondered why they never made it bigger. But if you remember them, it was probably their clothes.

#10 - F.A.R.M. Benefit w/ Garth Brooks
When: Sunday May 26, 1991
Where: Myriad OKC, OK
Opening Act(s): Restless Heart, Joe Diffie, Vince Gill
Special Notes: Okay, so it was another country concert. But this was actually a great concert. I do admit, Garth Brooks is an awesome entertainer. This concert was only 3 days after The Black Crowes concert. Busy week!

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